Anonymous asked:
Sexy as hell!!!

What is? 

Anonymous asked:
OMG so you actually talk to croisentesreves outside the Tumblr world? Can you please tell her to come back on here? I fancy her sooooo much you have no idea lol

I do. She says she will be back soon, anon!
And I do have an idea, everyone does in fact, but then again she is a wonderful and amazing person so It would be impossible not to (:

Anonymous asked:
Nooooooo trust me if a girl can smirk an make it look sexy she probably knows what shes doin 😏

Hahahaha well .. thank you! hehe

Anonymous asked:
I love your smirk

My smirk is ugly, though.

lighthouseinthestorm asked:
Literally feel free to not reply to my whatsapp messages ever :(


You know I love you and such buuuuut that app sucks ass. I miss you and hope Cali is treating you well mate

Literally you both feel free to not reply or text me at all… like, it’s whatever I suppose.

Anonymous asked:
You're mad cool and your sense of style is amazing, and also you're hella attractive ok bye

Haha this made me smile! thank you so much, grey face (: