Anonymous asked:
I try 🙈 omg that means a lot coming from you haha, not gonna lie I blushed, I like potatoes too, I just idk you're like wayyyyyyy up here^^^^^ and I'm like here ->•

Potatoes are the best food on earth!! And nah c’mon, buddy. We are the same, and your cleverness and sense of humour are rather interesting.

Anonymous asked:
How old are you?

It’s on my blog, bud.

Anonymous asked:
I wish I could tell you but see, you're amazing and I'm basically a potato with eyes lol

I love potato, though… plus your sense of humour and cleverness is A+

Anonymous asked:
I like you too ;) my god you're sense of humor is my favorite really, haha honestly you're whole personality from what I've seen is perfect

Woah, who are you? well I can assure you Im far from perfect but thank you! you’re my favourite, too! 

Anonymous asked:
Wanna have sex with me?


Anonymous asked:
Do you know how adorable you are?! Oh my god and your "nerd-ness" is soo amazing. Gahh you have the perfect tastes and the perfect sense of humor.

Ahhhh you are just too awesome, anon! thank you oh so much. Glad to see someone appreciates my ¨nerd-ness¨ haha also, giving me a compliment about my sense of humour, he!? I like you already (;

Anonymous asked:
That selfie doe, you're hot dude

Haha thanks, grey face! I like your shades, too. 

strange-reactions asked:
is that the sunglass emoji in various breakfast foods

Hehe its a ¨The breakfast club¨ shirt, actually .. (cause I am that geek) lol